29 June 2018

    James Francis

    4 reasons the future is mobile

    Some have predicted the demise of mobile networks, because of other digital services taking the spotlight. But this couldn’t be further from the truth: the future is being built on mobile networks. 

    Many have predicted the demise of mobile networks, because of other digital services taking the spotlight. But this couldn’t be further from the truth: the future is being built on mobile networks. 

    Mobile brings you closer to the world

    No matter how far humans roam, what has kept us together is our ability to stay in touch. Through flags, smoke, singing, drums, letters, flashing lights and good old word-of-mouth, people have developed countless means by which to share our ideas, thoughts and feelings.

    Today staying in touch is easier than ever before, thanks to smartphones and the Internet. Photos and videos can be sent all over the world, as it happens, and we can exchange anything that we want with who and when we want to.

    All those messages move around across the massive and sophisticated data networks from companies such as Vodacom. This doesn’t happen by accident, but is the result of constant investment and new innovation. Every day the demand grows for better and faster networks, delivering smarter services. So every day we work to meet those expectations, building the future.

    Entertainment lives online

    Few events summarise the arrive of the digital age than how it transformed entertainment. Not long ago all music was sold in shops and musicians didn’t drop surprise albums online. You’d have to wait an entire week for a new episode of your favourite show and get the boxset if you wanted to binge watch. Renting a movie meant hoping the local DVD store had everything you were looking for. Even news was scheduled and limited.

    Today you no longer have to wait. News reaches you as it happens. Through services such as Showmax and Netflix, your choices for movies and television shows are endless. And there will always be a song to suit your mood, because the digital world offers music from every year and genre.

    One day you will even stream virtual reality experiences across the Internet. Imagine sitting virtually in the stadium during a live match! As entertainment expands into the digital world, mobile networks will continue to bring all the latest content directly to where you are.

    Create your own lifestyle

    When last did you arrange a party without sending messages on your phone? How did you share your last adventure without sharing photos or videos? Do you do much banking at a branch anymore? 

    Being connected has changed our lives. From map services showing us where our destinations are to apps that help us track our daily spending, we are now so much more capable of shaping our lives. Connectivity gives us ways to take a little more control of our world. 

    But when the connection stops, all that grinds to a halt. Just as power going out or a road jamming up, if your phone fails you, you might as well be in the stone age! This is the future of our modern lifestyles, which is why Vodacom is heavily focused on a network that is always there, making sure the apps and services you use are there when you need them.

    Everything will connect through mobile

    Connectivity is the theme of the future. Everything around us will be connected to a network, allowing them to do much more. Today intelligent speakers can listen to you and take orders. Smart buildings are helping us live better and with less waste. Mapping systems help us navigate traffic. Fitness trackers show us how our health is improving.

    The future will be much more than content services and apps. It’s already happening: cars drive themselves while connected online, farmers check their crops on an app while having their morning coffee, smart bottles remind elderly patients to take their pills, shops are alerted that they should restock a shelf, your home turns on the lights as the sun goes down. 

    Today even your insurance and entertainment needs can be met through Vodacom’s wide network and services. The mobile network isn’t dying off. It is where the world is coming together, helping us all live better and richer lives. It’s part of the future. So next time you check someone’s status or order something online, don’t forget about the telecommunications company in the background and foreground that helps to make it happen!

    Be part of the mobile future 

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    James Francis