07 March 2018


    Connected She Can: International Women's Week

    In celebration of International Women's Week, see what Vodacom is doing to help empower women. 

    International Women's Day on 8 March celebrates the achievements of women the world over, and calls us all to #PressForProgress to achieve gender parity. Vodafone, Vodacom's parent company, is the global sponsor of this exciting initiative. This year, Vodacom is asking some little questions that can effect big change. 

    Connecting for Change 

    Vodafone's Connect initiative aims to provide 50 million women in developing countries with phones and access to technology which will help them start businesses, access information to further their careers and access healthcare.

    It's a huge goal, but Vodacom and Vodafone have already rolled out some incredible initiatives that are helping it become achievable. 

    See what Vodacom is doing in South Africa to help empower women. 

    Future healthcare now

    Vodacom’s innovative healthcare solutions improve the delivery of healthcare to those who need it most. Read about how mHealth technology is revolutionising access to essential care across South Africa and beyond, as well as how Vodacom's support has enabled the Shandukani Maternal and Child Health Centre in Hillbrow to care for vulnerable women and children. Plus, Vodacom Mum and Baby is delivering vital information to a million mothers and carers across our country. 

    Mobile education for the nation 

    The Vodacom Mobile Education Programme gives young people access to quality instruction so that they can reach for their dreams. More than 2 000 schools and 80 teacher centres have already been supplied with IT equipment, allowing them to access the internet and run e-learning programmes. Vodacom also provides zero-rated access to a variety of education sites - read on to learn more. 

    Ending gender-based violence 

    Gender-based violence affects millions of lives every year, and Vodacom is doing its part to help women survivors. Read about the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre that Vodacom supports, and how it is providing survivors of violence with counselling and support. 

    Women who change the world

    Vodacom’s Change the World programme supports visionaries who want to make the world a better place. The programme offers them the unique opportunity to volunteer at an NGO, while having their current salary paid to them by Vodacom. During International Women’s Week, we focus on three women who are making a difference in their communities.

    Vodacom is a top employer for women

    Vodacom leads when it comes to gender diversity and equality in the workplace. Learn more about the various initiatives though which the company is helping women reach their full potential.  

    A woman's place is in the lab

    More and more women and girls are turning traditional ideas around and carving out inspiring and exciting careers in science. Here are two young South African woman making waves.