Don’t Let Loadshedding Get In Your Way
20 March 2024


Don’t Let Loadshedding Get In Your Way

From mini power stations to UPS, to gadgets that don’t need plugs and solar options, here’s everything you need to make loadshedding bearable.

Loadshedding has become a part of South African life, but that doesn’t mean you have to just accept it and let the outages ruin your day. Whether you want to go off grid or simply survive at home without losing your mind, these solutions make power outages more bearable. 

Get A Mini Power Station 

Portable power stations are great for keeping your important appliances and other things running during loadshedding – and they’re also perfect for camping or long road trips. They let you power your laptop, TV, and mini fan, and some have a capacity to charge up to nine devices. They may not power the entire household, but they can keep devices going during the 2-4-hour loadshedding stints. 

Keep Your Mobile Devices Charged With A Power Bank 

Few things are more frustrating than running out of battery power and being unable to charge your device due to loadshedding. These power banks let you charge and power your mobile devices for days before you need to recharge the bank itself. They are high-powered banks that offer up to 60 000mAh (milliampere-hours) and 100W of power to keep your mobile devices, and even laptops, running.  

Keep Your WIFI Going By Choosing The Ideal Power Bank 

You may think it’s easy to just choose a UPS and plug and play, but you need to put some thought into buying one of these devices. Think about how much power you need, whether it has the correct ports and plugs, and whether it's only powering your router or will be connected to more devices. Discover how to choose the right UPS to suit your needs and those of your devices. 

Get Comfortable During Power Outages 

It’s not just the lights and your favourite TV show you’re missing during loadshedding. Heat or cold, security concerns, and a lack of ambience in the home add to the discomforts of an outage. Here, you’ll find some useful gadgets that require no direct power and can make loadshedding more bearable.  

Go Off The Grid For The Ultimate Loadshedding Solution 

If you're determined to keep the power on during outages, these affordable solar-powered solutions could be just what you’re looking for. Options range from rent-to-buy, monthly contracts, to even financing options through your bank. These solutions offer full or partial power supply to your home and can make loadshedding feel like a thing of the past.  

These solutions are great for surviving loadshedding, but the best way to beat it is to have a reliable home internet connection for streaming and browsing on your mobile devices. Check out Vodacom Home Internet for options ranging from 5G to fibre. Find out whether you have coverage in your area and apply for the connection that suits you.