22 January 2020


    Online hacks for offline life

    Check out these free online guides to finding creative solutions to everyday problems.

    YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and various social sites offer us a litany of life hacks – from the bizarre tip of using headphones as a watermelon stand to the substantially more useful. Check out these free online guides to finding creative solutions to everyday problems in some of the most important areas of our lives.

    1. Our health

    We love Lucy – Lucy Wyndham-Read, that is. This wellbeing expert has over 10 million monthly viewers on her Pinterest account, LWR Fitness. She shares instructional posts on at-home workouts, hormonal balancing, nutrition and more.

    2. Our appearance

    How-to beauty videos are one of YouTube’s most popular offerings. Among the most-subscribed channels is Anaysa with its hair, make-up, skincare and fashion tutorials shared regularly with a community of 8.15 million viewers. Steadily climbing to the same heights in Africa is Ronke Raji’s channel. Hailing from Nigeria, this fashion and beauty influencer shares weekly hacks and how-tos to inspire self-care.

    3. Our home

    Whether it’s cleaning, organisation or DIY, you can find it online. Seasonal and hysterical how-to videos from Suzelle DIY are always a treat. But tidying expert Marie Kondo’s videos can really get in there and help you sort out your space. And Fix this, build that is an Instagram account straight out of Nashville, with hypnotic timelapse videos for a bit of DIY motivation.

    4. Our relationships

    Mother Pukka and Papa Pukka are leading the way on partnership and parenting advice. The UK-based couple has written books about getting it right (and wrong) and regularly dish out funny and helpful tips on their personalised Instagram accounts.

    5. Our food

    Cooking can be fun. Woolworths TASTE Magazine’s YouTube channel shares some seriously inventive dishes with a side of witty banter from the likes of celebrities Siba Mtongana and Abigail Donnelly. Their foodie tricks are tried and tested to make your life that much easier.

    And that's it – the last post in our Creativity series. In case you missed them, click here for apps to get you going, here for inspirational podcasts, and here to learn how to focus.

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    Header photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash