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    28 June 2018


    The benefits of working at Vodacom

    At Vodacom, we offer a range of benefits that help you balance your work and personal lives. 

    At Vodacom, we know that a healthy life is one where you are able to strike a balance between a challenging and exciting professional life, and a rewarding private life. That’s why we have a range of offers to help support you on your career journey with us.

    Employee Wellbeing

    Creating a healthy workplace that looks after the wellbeing of employees and their families is essential to the success of any business. Vodacom's wellbeing programme offers a range of activities designed to support all our people to achieve a digital balance through the sustainable use of technology, as well as achieve financial, physical, emotional and mental wellness. Our Employee Assistance programme provides counselling and life management tools to any employee who should require them, such as budgeting assistance and dealing with trauma and family matters. 

    Vodacom's many sport clubs not only help our employees keep fit, they also foster friendships and collaboration across divisions in the company. You can choose from activities such as golf, soccer, netball and even a running club. If sport isn't your thing, there are plenty of special interest groups that will introduce you to people as keen on activities like baking, music and choir as you are. 

    Vodacom recognises that women often face particular challenges in balancing work and home. That's why our maternity benefits are so generous, offering two options to employees. They can choose between six months (24 weeks) fully paid maternity leave, or 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave with the option to work 30 hours per week for six months after returning to the workplace.

    In addition, women who have taken a long career break - to have children, or for any other reason - are supported by the ReConnect programme. It offers women mentorship, training and support in returning to work, with the aim of tapping into this huge well of talent. Read more about how Vodacom supports and empowers women here

    Employee Recognition

    Recognition for your hard work and ongoing commitment to customer service is important. Over and above your salary, we also offer performance bonuses and a range of other rewards. Our recognition initiatives acknowledge contributions towards the success of the business, and include the Vodafone Customer Experience Heroes; Vodafone Stars, which recognises individuals displaying exemplary performance in their day-to-day activities; and the ultimate CEO Award for employees who have made a significant impact in the year.

    Our benefits programme offers a range of lifestyle benefits, including discounted offers on vehicle purchases and special offers at popular restaurants. Through our customer rewards and loyalty programme, you gain access to offers such as travel and online shopping discounts.

    Career development

    Our approach to career development is one of continuous learning and growth that is personalised for you. It's designed to help you reach your full potential, and build on your personal strengths through on-going performance coaching by people leaders. Using innovative technology and tools, you can monitor your progression, identify development areas and drive meaningful development conversations every day.

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