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    20 February 2018


    How to spend your 100 Gig Hookup

    In Feb and March, 10 Vodacom customers a day can win an incredible 100 Gig Hook-Up on the My Vodacom App. But what could you do with that amazing amount of data? 

    10 Vodacom customers a day can win an incredible 100 Gig Hook-Up on the My Vodacom App for the months of February and March. But what could you do with that amazing amount of data? 

    All you need to do to win 100 Gigs of FREE data is download the latest version of the My Vodacom App from your app store, open it and claim your free entry to the daily draw. There are 10 winners every day! You can increase your chances of winning by buying a data bundle on the My Vodacom App - that will score you 20 extra entries. Get more information about the competition here. 

    You already know that to get the best value data deals, you need to buy data bundles on the My Vodacom App. Calculating how much data you need day-to-day is quite simple: you can use Vodacom's handy data calculator. To become a data guru and understand more about how data works, read this useful article

    This is how much data your usual browsing would use up on average: 

    • Watching a two-hour movie in standard definition - 1.9GB
    • Watching a two-hour movie in high definition - 4.2GB
    • Streaming an hour of video on Showmax - 644MB
    • Gaming online for one hour - 43MB
    • Streaming music for an hour on Deezer - 80MB
    • Browsing 60 web pages - 140MB 
    • Downloading one song - 4-8MB
    • Downloading one film trailer - 60-100MB

    If you're one of the lucky ones to score that enormous 100 Gig mega data bundle, here's how you could use it up! You'll need to get surfing - it's valid for a month.

    5 000 hours of browsing 

    The internet is your oyster, and there's really no limit to what you can see and do while browsing online. Maybe you want to spend the day learning how to code, or spend some time investigating the latest news. Or maybe you want to just chill out while listening to your favourite podcast? With 100 Gigs of data, your browser can stay open for the entire month. 

    650 hours streaming music

    Did you know that signing up to Deezer lets you enjoy over 44 million tunes from local and international artists? And with 100 Gigs of free data you can create a different playlist for every day of the month. 

    800 app downloads

    What's a smartphone without its apps? You can check out our list of the most memorable apps of 2017 or have a look at the best apps to help you run your business. There are even apps out there to help you save you time and money. With 100 Gigs of data, you should have no problems downloading all the apps you want. 

    100 SD Movie downloads

    With Showmax you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, online – there's loads of local content available, plus all the biggest and best from Hollywood. With over 20 000 series and movies to binge watch, ShowMax will keep you and your family entertained throughout the month.

    You can also be super smart, and download a bunch of content from Showmax to watch later. The Showmax app allows 25 series episodes or movies to be downloaded onto your device, which you then watch offline without using any data. And you’ll have 30 days in which to watch them. Once you’ve started an episode or a movie, you’ll have to watch it within 48 hours. This is a serious win if you’re about to go away for the weekend to a place with limited internet, or before a long trip on public transport, because you can take your series and movies with you, and watch anywhere.

    Sign up for Showmax for just R99 per month, and add it your Vodacom bill for maximum convenience. 

    The 100 Gigs Hook-Up promotion

    • The 100 Gigs Hook-Up promotion is exclusive to My Vodacom App and will run from 2 February until 31 March 2018.
    • Customers need to log onto the My Vodacom App to claim their free entry, or purchase any data bundle to increase their daily entries.
    • 10 Lucky daily winners will be randomly selected and will be allocated a 100GB bundle, valid for a 30-day period.
    • Read more here. 

    How does it work?

    From the main menu of the app select 'Competitions and Promotions' and then 100 Gig Hook-up from the list of options provided. You can now claim your free daily entry or proceed to purchase any data bundle, which will further increase the number of entries in the draw. This will increase your chance of winning the 100GB data bundle for the daily draw.

    Winners of the 100GB data bundle Hook-up promotion will be randomly selected the next day and will receive a confirmation SMS when the reward is allocated.