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Let’s get real – there can only be one Iron Man. But while you may never know the joys of being powered by nuclear energy, flying at the speed of sound or having a chat with Pepper Potts, with today’s technology you can set up your home with many of the technological wonders that Tony Stark takes for granted. Forget smart home – let’s find out how to build a genius home.

Get the network

The foundation of any intelligent home system is a reliable and fast network. If you live in an area with fibre coverage, this is your best bet. Vodacom has partnered with the best fibre service providers to offer connectivity across the country.

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Cover your whole home

Every Vodacom fibre contract comes standard with a free router, but you might want to get coverage outside on the patio (or, if you’re already living your best life, on the third floor of your sea-front home). Extend the range of your Wi-Fi coverage with a Wi-Fi extender.

And, if you cannot afford to miss a single episode of your favourite series on Netflix or Showmax, add LTE backup to your contract, from R60 / month for 5GB Vodacom Fibre LTE backup.

Smart features

Now that your home is connected, let’s connect you with some marvellous tech. First on the shopping list has to be a VOIP phone. You can keep your existing landline number, if you still have one, or just sign up for a price plan with anytime minutes from R135 / month for 250 minutes.

Your smart home can also control who comes in and who stays out. There are a range of smart locks available that you can control with an app on your phone. If you need to let in a plumber or courier, you can give them a one-time code to enter. Smart locks also keep activity logs and can lock automatically as soon as you leave the house.

With Google’s smart-home offering, Google Home, you can connect devices such as doorbells, alarms, smoke alarms, cameras and door locks to one system, and it’s controlled by the Google Assistant.


When it comes to entertainment, your smart home can really make your life easier. If you have a smart TV, you know the pleasures of streaming Showmax and Netflix shows straight to your TV (and the convenience of adding them to your Vodacom account!). But if your TV is still dumb, the easiest way to give it some smarts is with Google’s Chromecast device. Plug it into one of your TV’s HDMI ports, connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi and stream shows like a pro.

With your Vodacom Fibre package, you can also add a Showmax subscription, which gives you access to some of the best and latest series and films.

Now, if only your home could talk. This is where smart speakers come in, the lovechild of voice assistants like Siri (Apple) and Alexa (Amazon) and compact speaker systems. In the US, people are ordering stuff from Amazon just by interacting with Alexa, but in your South African home you will still need to click some buttons.

You can do some other cool things, though, like checking the weather, solving your children’s math problems or playing tunes.

Benefits of Vodacom Fibre

  • Free router with every contract

  • Add a voice line and keep your landline number

  • Bundle value-added services like Showmax and LTE backup and save on overall costs

  • Free standard installation and delivery of all equipment including the router

  • Super-fast and uninterrupted fibre Internet connectivity

With this home setup, you still won’t be able to detect incoming rockets, but it’s a good start, don’t you think? If you still have dreams of flying, anything is possible, right?

>> Get fibre on the best network today

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Photo by Siniz Kim on Unsplash

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