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    23 April 2021


    Vodacom launches Bright Sky to combat GBV

    The Bright Sky mobile app provides support and information to anyone who may be experiencing domestic abuse or is concerned about someone they know.

    Levels of gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa are unprecedented. This social ill of our time has now risen to the extent that it’s started to reverse the progress made in gender equality since the dawning of our democracy 27 years ago. In November 2020, Vodacom launched Bright Sky SA, a free-to-download app designed to help in the fight against GBV. Bright Sky allows users to assess whether they or someone they know is in an abusive relationship by completing a risk assessment questionnaire in a bid to keep them safe. Bright Sky's features include a short questionnaire to help users identify different forms of abuse and the types of support available.

    The app offers information about GBV, the different forms of GBV, and various case studies. Using geolocation, it points users towards the support services available in South Africa, including a directory of police stations, hospitals and NGOs across the country. By educating people and providing practical advice on what to do, Bright Sky serves as a resource for anyone directly affected by abuse or who wants to empower themselves to help someone else.

    The app does not share any personal details and ensures the complete privacy of its users.

    Bright Sky mobile app features

    • A unique countrywide directory of specialist GBV support services, so you can contact your nearest service by phone from the app, search by area name, or use your current location.
    • Contact details and the ability to call national helplines that provide support for those affected by GBV.
    • A My Journal tool, where incidents of abuse can be logged in text, audio, video or photo form. None of this content is saved on the device or the app.
    • Questionnaires to assess the safety of a relationship, plus a section on dispelling myths about GBV.
    • Information about GBV, the different types of support available, tips to improve your online safety, and how to help someone you know who is experiencing GBV.
    • Advice and information on issues related to sexual offences and domestic violence and links to further resources and information.

    The Bright Sky mobile app can be downloaded below:



    Fighting gender-based violence together

    Vodacom is using its purpose of connecting people through technology to tackle the scourge of GBV. If you hear something, do something. The Gender-Based Violence Command Centre operates 24/7.

    • Call toll-free | 0800 428 428
    • SMS HELP to 31531
    • Send a Please Call Me | *120*7867

    Members of the deaf community can Skype the contact ‘Helpme GBV’