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09 May 2020


Helping you to help yourself

Looking for assistance with your Vodacom contract? Then check out our handy selection of clear, simple how-to articles.

Vodacom’s Customer Care self-service options are convenient, efficient and easy to use, to do everything from buying airtime to data bundles to finding your PUK number. Here’s what you need to know. As a Vodacom customer, you can stay connected using any of the below channels to access important services and manage your account while you are at home or on the go.

·       VodaPay App

·       Speak to our helpful chatbot TOBI via WhatsApp on 082 009 8624

·       Dial our USSD code on *135*26843#

In the tables below, we have outlined all the various functions and services you might be looking to do and show the different channels that you can perform them on. Click on the headings in red to read more on the function.

Account Activation

It takes only 10 minutes to Self-RICA a prepaid SIM card on the My Vodacom App. To get started, open the app and click on the ‘More’ menu. Then search for and select ‘RICA a friend’. Remember, you will need to keep your ID or passport handy and as well as your new Vodacom SIM card and the packing info.

Account Activation Prepaid Contract My Vodacom App My Vodacom (online) TOBi


x   x   x

Perform a SIM SWAP

x x x  


Whether you are a prepaid or contract customer, any of our 3 available platforms allow you to stay connected by topping up your airtime, buying bundles and even purchasing prepaid electricity and water. Did you know that Just 4 You gives you tailor-made offers that are personalised for you?

Buy Prepaid Contract My Vodacom App My Vodacom (online) TOBi

Recharge Your Airtime

x   x x x

Buy Data Bundles

x x x x x

Buy a Vodacom Ticket

x x x x x

Connect with Just 4 You

x x x x x

Buy Prepaid Electricity    

x x x x x
Buy Prepaid Water x x x x  
Insurance    x x x x

Check Balances

Keeping track of your minutes, SMS, and data bundle balance is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Check Balances Prepaid Contract My Vodacom App My Vodacom (online) TOBi

Check Summary Balances 

x x x x x

View Detailed Balances

x x x x x

Check our Airtime Balance

x   x x x

Check Data Balance

x x x x x

View detailed Data Usage

x x x x x

My Vodacom App Widget

x x x    
Check Vodabucks Balance x x x    

Vodacom Rewards

Did you know that as a Vodacom customer you receive 20 FREE SMS’s every day to send to other Vodacom numbers and that you qualify for rewards?

Value Prepaid Contract My Vodacom App My Vodacom (online) TOBi

Send 20 FREE SMSs

x x x    

View Partner Rewards

x x x    

My Vodacom Rewards

  x x x  
Shake up x x x x Whatsapp only

Manage your account

Whether you need to find your PUK number, read your monthly statement, or upgrade your device, all that and many other things can be done from the palm of your hand.

Manage Account Prepaid Contract My Vodacom App My Vodacom (online) TOBi

Manage your Vodacom Plan

x x x x x

Find your PUK number

x x x x x

View your invoices 

  x x x x

View your statements 

  x x x x

Pay your Vodacom bill now

  x x x  

Introducing Family Share

  x x x  
Free change x   x    
Sim details x x x x  
Bill so far   x x x  
Pay Bill now   x x x  
Request tax packs   x   x x
Change debit order date   x x   x
View/change banking details   x x    
Payment management    x      
Upgrade arrangement    x x x x
Upgrade date   x x x x
Activate itemised billing   x   x x
Order history x x x x  
FTTH x x x x  


Vodacom offers a number of services, from Data transfer through to Premature Cancellation quote requests, which can all be accessed easily through our online channels. 

Services Prepaid Contract My Vodacom App My Vodacom Online TOBi
Airtime Advance x   x x x
Data Advance x   x x  
Airtime Transfer x       x
Data Transfer x       x
Missing Airtime x        
Data Limit Lock         x
Call Limit Lock x x   x  

Check/Manage Subscriptions.       

x x x x x
Blacklist x x   x x
Unblacklist x x   x x
Value-Added Services x x x x  
CLIP   x   x x

Premature Cancellation Quote.     

  x     x
Data Tips x x   x x
Content Services (view, activate deactivate, block) x x   x  
View Service request status x x x x  
Store locator x x x x  
Coverage maps x x x x  
Find your PUK x x x x x

Making it simpler for you

Vodacom's self-service options mean that you can find the answers you are looking for easily - on your PC, phone or tablet - and manage your account from just about anywhere. Below are some other articles you may find useful. 

Getting started with Vodacom

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Your Smartphone

Don't forget that whatever you need help with, you can always go to the Help Me section on Vodacom Online » 

Still aren't using our super-convenient app? Download the VodaPay for Android or iOS now and simplify your life!